Sunday, October 26, 2008

my happy ending in a manila spa

I ussually go to different spas to experience relaxation. There are quite a lot around the metro where you can really relax and unwind. I also go to massage parlors for other purposes. Of course to also get a massage with a different 'happy' ending.

Last week I went to a legit spa because I wanted to have a good massage. It was my first time in that spa. I just passed by that area a few weeks before and saw its signage. When I entered I was asked what service do I want to avail. I looked at their menu of services and just settled for a reflex because their prices are not really too friendly to say the least. I was then asked if I have a request therapist. Of course I said no because it was my first time there.

When I entered the locker area I was surprised about how well appointed the area is. Complete stuff are available in the dresser -- lotion, hair gel, powder, toothbrush, etc. I was given a towel and a pair of slippers. I asked the attendant if I will not be given a robe. He said I can choose to go to the wet floor area first before the massage and he will just give me the robe later, but he said if I'd feel more comfortable to have a robe in the wet floor, he'll give me one. I decided to just wear the towel instead.

In the wet floor I saw a few guys in the jacuzzi and in the sauna. I sat first on one corner and just observed. My, my...the guys have no inhibitions going around naked. I saw this cute guy who is really well gifted 'down' there. He didn't even look my way though. I'm used to this already because I'm not one of those who has a 'nice' body that would merit a glance from others. I just decided to do what the others a re doing. Shuttling back and forth from the jacuzzi, sauna, and thesteam room.

After about 30 minutes, I went in the locker room again and told the attendant that I am now ready for the massage. He then called the therapist assigned to me for that night. Then came in a tall, really masculine guy. He is not the cute type that I ussually go for but he has that aura of pure strength that kinda got my attention a little.

We went in to a common room for 5 or 6. There were two others who just came in when we entered. My therapist I learned was named Ryan. Or was it Brian? Anyway, he asked me to disrobe. I followed what he said but I was abit relluctant because the lights were really bright. But then again the other two have just disrobe in front of me and the other therapists so I said to myself what the heck.

Remeber I came here for a legitimate massage. I got surprised when Ryan was massaging my legs. He was 'accidentally' brushing his hands against my balls. It was okay with me though.Who am. I to say no? Haha. But really, I wasn't expecting to get such in this place. It really felt kinda good when he devoted a considerable amount of time massage my inner leg and touching my jewels. When it was time to lie face up I was even more surprised. By that time the lights have already been dimmed but not totally dark so you can still see the others aropund. When he was massaging my leg, he really made it a point to touch my balls. Oh my. But what shocked me was when wrapped his hand around my shaft and stroked it up and down. The first few times was just a stroke up and a stroke down. But after a while the strokes started to become frequent. Whern i opened my eye, the person on the bed beside me was also getting the same thing from his therapist. Anyway I tried my besty to close my eyes and pretend that nothing is happening. I mean I'm not trying to be a prude but I just didn't expect this to happen in a spa like this. And this is even more weird than in a massage parlor because at least there you get a private room. After a few minutes of this sztroking motion I felt I was gonna explode. I signalled ryan by holdiong his hand. But instead of stopping his strokes became faster. I mean I thought 'explosions' would be the last thing that would happen here. But to my surprise he really didn't stop. And the worst part came when I was cumming already. Instead of stopping, he even removed the thin cloth covering my shaft. I exploded exposed to the people around. When I looked around if people were looking, I found out that the guy beside me was looking at me the whole time. When I stood up there were not yet done with their stuff. The guy exploded while I was dressing up. I also saw it happen.

I dont know if I was lucky that night or not. I mean I will not deny the fact that I liked his strokes. Remember I climaxed. But I certainly didn't like the idea that it happened in full view (though a little dim).

I hurriedly went to the wet floor to shower and shake off whatever shock I was feeling at that time. There I saw the guy beside me again. We looked at each other and acted as if nothing happened. At least that was a consolation.

Does this thing really happen in legit spas?


Where isn't said...

Where did you go for massage, I mean I wanto go there.. Where is it??
Please inform

Thank you...

animaddict said...

saan to? I wanna go there as well...